Vegas strip clubs are coming back

Palomino Club still maintains its top spot as the best strip club in Vegas and the only Sin City nude club serving its customers' alcohol. However, even in this legendary strip club, the girls are limited to bikinis; no nude dancing, but skimpy bikini dancers are better than nothing. This club opens up at 6 am up until 5 am every day, and up to 7 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sapphire is arguably the largest strip club in the United States, but unfortunately, it has not resumed, not even as a bikini bar. However, they have opened their outdoor pool from Friday to Sunday from noon to 6 pm. They also host Monday night football parties in the outdoor pool area.

The state's authorities have not given an outright timeline of when Sin City's strip club scene will resume normalcy. All clubs were closed down mid-March, but in the last few months, bars have been allowed to reopen, but not many strip clubs have opened. In other states, strip clubs are already up and running and fully operational with lap dances. 

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