NO. There are 0 legal brothels in Sin City

All visitors who expect to find brothels in Las Vegas will be disappointed. Not only are there no brothels, but all forms of prostitution are illegal in Clark County- and that includes Sin City. Anyone arrested exchanging money for sexual favors or even making such a suggestion can be charged with a misdemeanor. While this penalty is minor, it can ruin your holiday. Most likely, you will end up spending a night in jail and be released the next day as long as you promise to show up in court.

Legal brothels exist in Nevada but only in specific locations, including the county of Elko, White Pine, Lander, Nye, Storey County, Mineral, and Nye. All told, there are 21 legal brothels in the state, but all are located in rural Nevada.  If you are in Las Vegas and desperate to visit a brothel, the nearest one is in Pahrump in Nye County. However, you will be really disappointed to know that since the COVID pandemic, most of the brothels have been shut down.

In general, in any town or city with more than 700,000 residents, brothels are prohibited.  If you cannot find a brothel and decide to solicit a prostitute in Las Vegas, remember a first-time misdemeanor can cost you $1,000 and/or 6 months in jail. If this is your second arrest, all fines are doubled, and other penalties like court costs and lawyer fees will make you wish you never came to Vegas.